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The public system is one of the systems of entertainment bars that have been in operation for a long time.

First of all, the public system is an authentic room choice system in which you select the girl you like after seeing with your own eyes the girls who can be selected in the room. Since it is not an illegal system with an official secondary system, the quality of the girls cannot be compared to the variant system. Shows quality

Currently, in Gangnam, there are numerous stores such as Hyperblix, Shirt Room, and Leggings Room, as well as general public stores.

However, these public stores are currently in a situation where prices are as expensive as high stores, even though they are low stores, due to excessive price competition and TC increases.

Since the concept of cost-effectiveness has already disappeared from low stores, I think it is right to go to high quality stores with higher quality even if you spend a little more money.

Our Hi Jjeom-O Booster boasts a very high-quality lineup and facilities for a reasonable price, and is run directly by Gangnam Public CEO Cho, so that everyone from single people to groups can enjoy it without any problems.

Entertainment bars that operate under this system are collectively referred to as ‘public’.

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